France joins the list of internet censoring countries

Internet censorship continues to thrive; in the latest turn of events France has passed a law forcing ISPs to block sites with child sex abuse. Now, if it stopped at that, then I wouldn’t really bother making a blog post out of it – after all, Sweden has such a law as well, and quite frankly I’m not all that opposed to it, as long as child pornography is the only thing it blocks (and the government doesn’t start using it to freely block other sites as well that it deems as “inappropriate”) – but this law also includes sites considered racist or terrorist related. Basically they’re gonna have a “black list” that the ISPs will have to block access to; a black list that people even are invited to contribute to (in real time) with sites they think are inappropriate.

And I’ll bet my hairy ass the entertainment industry is preparing a long list with sites they think are “unsuitable” as we speak.

Which would you say is worse: internet censorship or complete internet surveillance?
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~ by koeus on June 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “France joins the list of internet censoring countries”

  1. I believe the french government might have blocked this site.

  2. nous avons demandé à l’hebergeur “freesurf” de nous communiquer les raisons de sur cette censure, mais il n’a donné aucune suite.

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